Black-sun CSharp 2.0 Editor


CSharpEditor-conditional1-tn256.png A C# 2.0 source file editor using llk-csharp-model from the LLK project.

While the CSharpEditor works on any file with .cs extension as configured in the File Associations preference, there are additional features that are only available if the editing file is inside a black-sun CSharp project. A black-sun CSharp project is project with the sf.blacksun.csharp.model.csharpnature nature. To convert a project to a CSharp project, simply add the nature to the .project file:


After converting the project to a CSharp project, the CSharp Build Paths property page becomes available when you bring up the project properties. Setup the source directories for the project and the indexer would comes into work.

Note that (as of Black-sun v0.9.1 and Eclipse 3.2RC2) the CSharp nature cannot co-exists with the Java nature, ie. the CSharp nature do not works for project that already has a Java nature.


  • Syntax highlight.
  • Smart indent.
  • Outline page.
  • Format action and syntax checking.
  • CSharp Type, Method and Field lookup (from index store) actions.
Additional features available for CSharp projects:
  • CSharp source code indexer.
  • CSharp reference resolver.

Revision history

  • See change history in the black-sun release notes for details.