LLK Editor


LLKEditor-1-tn256.png A LLK parser generator grammar file (.ll) editor.


Syntax highlight, formatting, outline page, jump to definitions or references, comment/uncomment, syntax checking.


  • Format.

    Default formatting always indent nested constructs and put code under regular expressions.

  • Compact Format.

    Compact formatting result in more compacted output. It try to pack as much into a single line as possible.

  • Validate.

    Parse the current file content, report warnings and errors and update the AST model.

  • Goto Declaration.
  • Open File.

    Open the node file that represent the token/rule if it exists.

  • Comment.
  • Uncomment.

Outline page

The outline page shows all the tokens and rules defined in the grammar file. Locations where the token/rule are used are shown as their children. Double click on any of them would jump to the definition/reference in the editor. The outline can also be sorted in text occurence order or alphabetic order.


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