Black-sun Fireant

v0.10.0 release notes

Change History


  • CHANGED - FaJava.seOutput(Writer) now accept PrintWriter instead of Writer as argument.
  • FIXED - FireantBuilder.buildTarget(Class c, File basedir, Map options) now properly look for enclosing FireantBuilder class as builder class.


  • CHANGE - FaLLKParser constructor now takes parameter sharePath as String instead of File to allow for multiple search paths as allowed by LLK.
  • NEW - FaMono added:
        FaMono(File workdir, File exefile, String[] args);
        FaMono addArgument(String arg);
        FaMono addArguments(String[] args);
  • CHANGE - WorkspaceBase now look for the ECLIPSE_HOME and ECLIPSE_WORKSPACE system properties before trying the corresponding environment variables when determining the eclipse installation and workspace directories.


  • JDK 1.5.0
  • Ant 1.6.5 as distributed with Eclispe 3.2 for Linux.
  • JUnit 3.8.1 as distributed with Eclispe 3.2 for Linux.
  • GNU getopt 1.0.10.
  • Jakarta-oro 2.0.8.