Black-sun Fireant

v0.7.0 release notes


  • NEW - Added FaDepends which is a File to Set<File> mapping as oppose to File to File mapping in FaFileMap.
  • CHANGE - FaFileMap now always maintain File->File mapping, no String->String mapping. Regex works on the entire absolute path of the source file and thus may not be in the same directory as the source file.
  • CHANGE - FaFileMap no longer derive from Map, it encapsulated a Map<File, File> instead.
  • CHANGE - Removed all constructors that take filepath string as input. Use constructors with File as input instead.
  • CHANGE - FaExec removed constructors variants that take String and List for args.
  • CHANGE - FaExec added exec() methods with infile, outfile and errfile arguments, ... etc.
  • CHANGE - FireAntBuilder, FireAntProject, FireAntTarget and FireAntTask are renamed to FireantBuilder, ... etc.
  • CHANGE - FaTextUtil.patsubst(...) methods are renamed to subst(...).
  • CHANGE - FaStrUtil is rename FaTextUtil.
  • CHANGE - Fireant incremental builder for Eclipse, in the sf.blacksun.eclipse.builder.fireant builder fragment, is renamed from FireantBuilder to FireantProjectBuilder.
  • CHANGE - String[] FaFileSet.getFiles(Project) and List<String> FaFileSet.getFiles(Project, boolean, List<String>) are renamed to getPaths(...). Added List<File> FaFileSet.getFiles(Project boolean, List<File>).
  • CHANGE - Removed depenedency on blacksun-util.jar and getopt.jar.
  • CHANGE - FaFileSet default to include nothing instead of everything if includes is null or empty string.
  • NEW - Added FireantTarget.setupTask(Task) and FireantTarget.execTask(Task) to execute a non-fireant task directly. For example, to execute the Ant task Echo in FireantTarget.execute():
        Echo e=new Echo();
    Or you can call execTask(Task), example:
        Echo e=new Echo();


  • JDK 1.5.0
  • Jakarta-oro v2.0.6.
  • Ant v1.6.5 as distributed with Eclispe 3.1 for Linux.