Black-sun Fireant

v0.7.1 release notes


There are many incompatible API changes (vs v0.7.0).
  • API CHANGE - FaXXX task wrappers no longer take FireantTarget as argument and all static exec() methods are removed. The preferred way to execute a Task (and FireantTask) is to use the FireantTarget.exec() method which setup the task for execution on the fly (or use addTask(Task) to setup task in FireantTarget constructors). So tasks no longer need to be setup the owning target in its constructors.
  • API CHANGE - FaFileMap and FaDepends now take FileScanner as input instead of FileSet.
  • API CHANGE - FaChecksum is now independent of the Checksum task and create or verify checksums in Linux md5sum and sha1sum checksum file format.
  • NEW - FaFiles which is a wrapper of DirectoryScanner.
  • NEW - FaFileList which is a wrapper of FileList.
  • NEW - fireant-optional project that added wrapper for tasks for some optional ant task like ChMod, JUnitTask, ... etc.


  • JDK 1.5.0
  • Jakarta-oro v2.0.6.
  • Ant v1.6.5 as distributed with Eclispe 3.1 for Linux.
  • JUnit v3.8.1 as distributed with Eclispe 3.1 for Linux.