Release 0.6

Major changes (see change history here for details)

  • AntlrEditor, JavaccEditor and PerlEditor are temporarily back and ported to Eclipse 3.0. However, they may disappear soon.
  • Added SplitView which show a copy of an editing document for simple cut and paste jobs (like emacs :).
  • Removed GPL dependent codes and all plugins are now under CPL.
  • See here for the detail change history ... .


  • Currently, all editors use JavaPairMatcher for matching bracket highlight. However, that may not work correctly in some editors, eg. Perl, HTML ... etc. Custom PairMatcher/CodeReader is required for those editors.


The following is required to run the plugins:
  • Sun JDK 1.4.1.
  • Eclipse 3.0 GTK/Linux.
  • Eclipse GEF 3.0 plugin.
  • Eclipse org.apache.xerces_4.0.13 plugin - bundled.
If you would like to touch the grammar files, you would also need the corresponding parser generators:
  • ANTLR 2.7.2 - bundled.
  • LLK v0.3 - bundled.
  • JavaCC 2.1 - NOT bundled.

Installation and Running

Running with the binary distribution

  • Unpack the binary distribution into the eclipse/ directory.
  • Startup Eclipse.
  • In Preferences/Java/Classpath Variables setup the classpath variable ECLIPSE_HOME and point it to the eclipse/ directory.
  • If Eclipse does not detected the Blacksun plugin features, enable it in Help/Software Updates/Manage Configurations dialog.
  • Use Customize Perspective/Other to enable the Black-sun JDT addon action set and Black-sun Builder action set ... etc.
  • Use Show View/Other to show the MethodView and AnnotationView ... etc.
  • Add file association for the editors in the EditorsPlugin plugin.xml or in the preference page Preferences/Workbench/File Associations.
  • Customize key bindings in Preferences/Workbench/Keys.
  • Check the Open With ... action in context menu of the navigator view or the package view in Java perspective to see what editors available for the file.
  • Use the Black-sun Preference pages to set your preferences.
NOTE: Eclipse 3.0 cache some configuration information in directory eclipse/configuration/. If for some reason, key binding, menu, ... etc. do not work or get updated, remove that directory to start from scratch.

Compiling from the source distribution

  • This release is developed in Eclispe 3.0/GTK for Linux and as such all Makefiles and classpaths in the source distribution are supposed to work only in that environment.
  • The Makefiles assumed and only tested with the following directory structure under the Eclipse workspace:
    ext/ contains some bundled utility library files that would be make available to other plugins by the sf.blacksun.ext plugin.
  • Unpack the packages into the Eclipse workspace. There are sample .project and .classpath files.
  • Import all the projects into the Eclipse workspace, ignore any errors for now.
  • Add ECLIPSE_HOME classpath variable in Eclipse Preference/Java/Classpath variables preference page and point it to the eclipse installation directory (ie. the directory that contains plugins/).
  • Some plugins requires the org.apache.xerces plugin which is included in the binary distribution. Either install the binary distribution or copy that plugin to the plugins directory.
  • Rebuild all imported projects using menu action Project/Clean.
  • They should build ok. Most probable problems are that the sample .classpath do not match your eclipse installation. Fix the classpaths using project property page Properties/Java Build Path, if neccessary, until all projects build OK.
  • To install the plugins after all projects build OK, study the Makefile in each project and fix any paths in the top portion of the Makefile if necessary. Then for each project, run
    make install
    would make the .jar file and copy the necessary files to the eclipse/plugins/ and eclipse/features/ directory.
  • Restart Eclipse.

Status and plans

The author is moving further CSharp development to a CSharp environment, as such there are now only plans for minor update and mostly maintenance of all the plugins.