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  • RegexReplace ReplaceAll action can replace all occurence inside a region.
  • You don't have to click replace/find button over and over again and you don't have to worry it replace something beyond the region. Select a region (more than a line) first and then pop up RegexReplace dialog and it would work only with the selected region.
  • RegexReplace can convert letter case for back reference groups.
  • Example, replace pattern "\U$1\E" convert the first matched group to upper case.
  • Ever get lost after replace/find action with Eclipse Replace/Find dialog ?
  • Black-sun RegexReplace would bring to back to where the last replace occurs instead of stop at the last match which is usually not interesting.


  • Tag operations - eg. Tag delete can delete an enclosing tag quick and easy.
  • It works even without perform a tag select first.


  • xml:space="preserve" attribute can be used to preserve spaces in text nodes during formatting.


  • BlacksunBuilder can perform arbitrary tasks.
  • The BlacksunBuilder simply perform make eclipse-blacksun under the project directory on any resource changes. The most common use is to invoke a compiler compiler before compile. But it can perform arbitrary task, for example, copy any document changes to the web server.
  • Where has the console output of the build tasks gone.
  • Blacksun builder plugin direct output of each task to the Eclipse Console View.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to turn off Automatic remove terminated launch when creating new launch option in Window/Preferences/Run/Debug/Launching preference page. Otherwise, you would only be able to view output of the most recent task.