Method View


MethodView is a viewer of a Java source file like the standard OutlineView in Eclipse. However, MethodView shows methods in the complete hierarchy of the class/interface (ie. include all methods from superclass and superinterfaces). It also provide an incremental search on the methods. This is sometimes very convenient when you want to browse what method is available from the class. Doubleclick at the method jumps to it and open the source in an editor if it is not already opened.

Incremental search

When the MethodView is in focus, press 's' starts the incremental search mode. ALT+DOWN_ARROW search for next and, ALT+UP_ARROW search for previous occurence.




  • What is the preference 'Update MethodView selection from editor' means.
  • When enabled, MethodView input and selection would be updated to the Java element selected in the editor each time when the selection in the editor changes. Note that change in caret position and deselect a selection would not trigger a synchronization. This is most handy when there are nested class. Selecting a region in the nested class would cause MethodView to show methods in the nested class and select the method at the beginning of the selection.

    When disabled, MethodView only updated on editor activations. That would put less demand on the system, but would be tricky to show methods in nested classes (In that case, position caret in the nested class and switch editor out and back). When MethodView page is not visible, MethodView is clever enough to ignore editor selection changes, so it is not neccessary to disable the selection synchronization in most case.