Black-sun JDT plugin


This plugin provide some useful facilities inside the Java development perspective:
  • MethodView shows methods from the complete Java type hierarchy.
  • EditorHistory maintains the history of Java files (source/class) opened. This is written for Eclipse 2.0.x and now Eclipse 2.1.0 have very similar functions (although the alphabetic order visited list may still be useful).

Some other facilities that are not Java specific:
  • RegexReplace provides regex find and replace functions in any text editors (including Java source files).
  • RegexFind provides regex find functions to views with TreeViewer or TableViewer.
  • GotoOffset ActionGotoOffsetAction-1.png
  • GotoOffset action goto the offset specified just like goto line action in Eclipse. Default accelerator is CTRL+ALT+G.
  • Change Log Action
  • ChangeLogAction open an editor to the change log file specified in the JDT preference page (default is CHANGES). Default accelerator is CTRL+F CTRL+L.
  • An optional header can be inserted automatically to the change log file. The header format is specified in java.util.Formatter style, but instead of specifying by parameter position %1 , ... etc.), fields are specifed with symbolic names:
    • %project for project name.
    • %path for file path relative to workspace.
    • %rpath for file path relative to project directory.
    • %filename for filename.
    • %modified for file modified timestamp.
    • %now for time when editor is being opened.
    Also \n, \r, \t can be used to specify the corresponding control characters in the log header format string. The action can be invoked on package explorer resource, navigator resource or the active editor input.
  • Version Status Action
  • VersionStatusAction action is similar to the ChangeLogAction, but it also shows the status of the files under version control ( CVS or Subversion, depends on whether CVS or .svn directory exists) under the selected project. Default key binding is CTRL+F CTRL+V.
  • Open File ActionOpenFileDialog-1.png
  • OpenFileAction open file using the current selection in the workbench as the file path (relative to the workspace root). A popup dialog allow editing of the selected path and selection of editor. Default key binding is CTRL+F CTRL+O.


  1. I don't want the action to cluster the editor context menu, how can I take it off.
  2. Comment out the popup menu extension viewerContribution item in the JdtPlugin's plugin.xml. The action should still available through accelerator and the Black-sun menu.